Image of a vinyl sleeve with a black vinyl sticking halfway out of the sleeve against a white background. In a red/pink text with a green outline reads "the linda lindas". Below that is an image of 4 colorful cartoon characters representing the linda lindas playing guitar, bass, and drums. in black text, The bass drum says growing up. The background on the album cover is a mix of blue, purple, and green.
Image of a black vinyl against a white background.  The center of the vinyl has a sticker of an up close photo of an eye and eyebrow. There is black winged eyeliner on the eyelid to look like a cat. The sticker says Side one, 45 rpm, and lists the first 5 songs on the album.

Growing Up - Black Vinyl

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Track list:
  1. Oh!
  2. Growing Up
  3. Talking To Myself
  4. Fine
  5. Nino
  6. Why
  7. Cuántas Veces
  8. Remember
  9. Magic
  10. Racist, Sexist Boy
Digital downloads will be sent on release date - April 8th, 2022

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